Owners Of Older Models Of iPhones Can Now Submit Claims Over Slowing Down Charges

As a part of a settlement of a class action lawsuit that accused the iPhone maker Apple of slowing down older devices, the owners of some of the older models of iPhones will now be able to lay claim to reimbursement of about $25 for every older model of the smartphones.

According to the settlement plan that was announced in March this year, iPhone owners who had purchased the models iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and or the SE prior to December 21, 2017 and had experienced performance issues would be eligible for the amount. This was displayed on a website that has been set up for users to submit claims. The settlement says that Apple will pay “per eligible device” which means that multiple claims can be submitted by the owners who had purchased multiple iPhones of the aforesaid models and had experienced performance issues in each.

Apple said that in order for the affected to be eligible for a payout, they need to submit their claims by October 6 either online or via mail. Depending on the number of claims that are filed as well as any additional legal fees and expenses approved by the court would determine the amount each user receives, which could increase or decrease, a court filing in March said.

Earlier this year, up to $500 million as part of the settlement agreement was agreed to be paid by Apple. That capped a years-long legal battle which had brought in global backlash against its practices which Apple tried to ease.

Software updates to slow down older iPhones had been used by it, the company admitted in December 2017. The software updates were hampering performance of the iPhones, both customers and tech analysts had previously claimed. There were also allegations that this tactic as used by Apple to force consumers to upgrade to the latest iPhone models. The company had said however that the software updates were designed to address certain issues related to older lithium-ion batteries which caused the phones to suddenly shut down in order to protect their components.

Later on however the iPhone maker apologized and offered new batteries to consumers for $79 which was later brought down to only $29.

A year later, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that the “significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements” was partly affecting the revenues of the company.

The settlement is still subject to a final approval, with a hearing scheduled for December 4 in US District Court in San Jose, California

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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