Amazon’s Prime Day To Be Postponed Till October Due To Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced e-commerce giant Amazon to postpone its marquee shopping event Prime Day. The company now plans to hold the event not before early October at the earliest.

While previously planning on a September date for the potential timing for Prime Day, the company said on Wednesday that all the third party sellers were informed by Amazon that the September date could be pushed back by another month, claimed reports citing an email sent o third parties and first reported by Business Insider.

The email by Amazon advised third party sellers that the “exact Prime Day dates have not been announced” even though the largest e-commerce company advised third party seller of its platform, in its email, to use the week of October 5 as a “placeholder date” for Prime Day promotions and coupons.

“A definitive date will be announced as we get closer to the event,” the email states. “We are looking forward to seeing submissions that offer the most delight to customers during one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Prime Day!”

“We have not made any announcements regarding Prime Day,” said a spokesperson in statements to the media.

Started in 2015, the Prime Day event is typically held by the company in July. The aim of the event, which is known for heavy discounts for consumers, was partly to secure new Prime members to the platform as well as to promote the own products and services of the company and to provide a sales boost in the middle of the year.

Preparations for delay of this year’s Prime Day event of Amazon were being made by brands and sellers over the past few months. In an effort to provide a boost for sellers feeling the impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Amazon held a fashion sales event in June that was named the “Big Style Sale”. The event was also organized to help sellers get rid of excess inventory in lieu of Prime Day.

After it was hit with a wave of online orders at the height of the pandemic, resulting in delays in deliveries and shortages of inventories, Amazon has been working to return its logistics operations to normal. Operations in Amazon’s warehouses have slowly returned to normal since then. But there are new coronavirus pandemic outbreaks in the United States which poses a threat of disrupting the logistics operations of the company once again.

Fahim Naim, a former Amazon executive and CEO of e-commerce consultancy eShopportunity said that some shipping delays domestically and abroad has been faced already by the company because of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases.

Due to the surge in online traffic both on and off Amazon, some of his clients have sold through their inventory, Naim added. Thos companies have been recently trying to get items back in stock. Inventory shortages, as well as warehouse delays, have “added much uncertainty in recent weeks,” Naim said.

“That said, if there is any company that can convince customers to buy big in consecutive months, it would be Amazon,” Naim added.

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