China Claims Virus Outbreak Past Its Peak, Wuhan Reports Just Five New Cases

Just five new cases of coronavirus infection were reported on Friday from the Chinese city of Wuhan, – the place from where the virus now declared a global pandemic originated in late December last year. This was the second day in a row that the number of new confirmed cases of infection was below 10 as reported from the city. For the rest of China, no locally transmitted infections were reported as on Thursday.

According to the a statement from China’s National Health Commission, just five new cases were reported on Friday as well from Wuhan, the capital city of the central Chinese province of Hubei. The previous day, the city had reported just 8 new coronavirus cases.

There have been no new infections of the virus in the entire province of Hubei for eight straight days, except Wuhan.

According to the Hubei Daily, a state-owned newspaper, authorities of the Hubei province also lowered the risk level for the epidemic for a number of cities and regions within the province while only still classifying Wuhan as a “high risk” city as of the end of March 12.

The coronavirus epidemic in China has gone passed its peak, the commission said on Thursday, even as many other countries of the world were on high alert because of the spread of the virus. While governments of various countries such as Italy and Iran implemented strict measures to slow down and prevent the spread of the virus, the concerns and fears over it continued to roil global financial markets. More than 127,000 people globally have so far tested positive for the virus infection.

Two new cases were reported from China’s financial hub of Shanghai while one confirmed case was reported from Beijing. The Chinese health authority said that all of the three new cases were found in people with a travel history from areas in other countries affected by the virus which causes the disease called Covid19.

For Thursday, the total number of new cases of the viral infection in mainland China was at eight compared to a total of 15 the day before. These numbers were the lowest as reported in the country since the publishing of infection figures by the Chinese health authority for the country January.

China has reported a total of 80,813 cases of coronavirus infections in total till date. More than 3,000 of those affected have died in the country so far.

The virus outbreak has also brought the second largest economy of the world to a grinding halt as factories and shops remained closed since January and many cities were quarantined and travel bans imposed right across the country.

There has been some relaxation in the restrictions imposed on about 60 million people in Hubei province which most of which was under a virtual lockdown for many weeks.  Authorities also relaxed some restrictions in Wuhan this week as well as in the nearby city of Huanggang, allowing residents to move around within the city limits.

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