Sony And Amazon Not To Participate In Major Tech Show Due To Coronavirus Scare

While the fast spreading coronavirus in China has affected global supply chains of largest of the tech companies, the latest tech companies to pull out of the one of the world’s largest tech shows to concerns and risks of the virus include Sony and Amazon.

Following its close monitoring of the “evolving situation” since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Sony had come to a decision to no longer participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company said.

The event however will go on. It typically brings together up to a 100,000 people, organizers of the show said. However it also admitted that there are also some other companies who are contemplating about participating because of concerns about the spreading of the virus.

The show is organized year between 24 and 27 February every year. The companies who that have already decided not to participate in the show include South Korea’s LG Electronics, Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms equipment-maker, and US chip company NVIDIA.

While it could “confirm some large exhibitors have decided not to come to the show this year with others still contemplating next steps, we remain more than 2,800 exhibitors strong,” said the GSMA which organizes the show in the Spanish city.

The GSMA has however also confirmed that additional measures to “reassure attendees and exhibitors that their health and safety are our paramount concern” have also been put into place by it. The measures include a complete ban on participating in the event for nay travelers coming from China’s Hubei province which is the epicentre of the outbreak. It the organizers have also tried to ensure that those people who had been to china earlier would be required to provide proof that they have been staying outside of China for at least 14 days at a stretch.

The Mobile World Congress is visited by between 5,000 and 6,000 people, the GSMA estimates.

Among the suggestions that the GSMA will be offering to participants at the show include an advice for them to not shake hands with each other while at the show. It will also disinfect and change all microphones that would be used by speakers at the show.

More than 800 people have so far been killed by the deadly coronavirus – majorly from various provinces in mainland China while more than 34,800 people have been infected by the virus so far in China and in other countries.

Some of the largest companies in the aerospace industry including US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, have also pulled out of the Singapore Airshow that is scheduled to start from Tuesday. Also pulling out of the airshow will be Bombardier and Gulfstream Aerospace.

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