Chinese tech companies continue to hum despite coronavirus pandemic

On Monday, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd stated, production at its consumer devices and carrier equipment divisions have resumed and are working normally.

Huawei is among other Chinese tech companies who are continuing to keep their factories running despite the Chinese government’s calls for halting work in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus ravaging the country.

Huawei said, it has restarted manufacturing in line with a special exemption that allows certain critical industries to remain in operation. The bulk of its production is located in Dongguan, a city in the southern Guangdong province.

Many other Chinese companies have also kept their production cycles running even through the Chinese New Year. The development underscores the importance Beijing places on its domestic tech supply chain.

Yangtze Memory Technologies Co Ltd (YMTC), a state-backed maker of flash memory chips based in Wuhan – the epicenter of the coronavirus – confirmed on Monday that it has not stopped production.

“At present, production and operations at YMTC are proceeding normally and in an orderly manner,” wrote the company’s spokesman in a statement on Monday while adding, no factory employees have been confirmed as being infected by the coronavirus and that the company has introduced certain isolation measures and partitions to ensure the safety of employees.

According to Chinese state media, YMTC did not cease operations over the Lunar New Year holiday.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) has also kept its production running throughout the Lunar New Year holiday.

In a social media post on Monday, SMIC said it had organized a work group before Chinese New Year to ensure the plants could stay open, while protecting the safety of employees and adhering to government regulations.

“SMIC needs to ensure that factory production runs 365 days a year and 24 hours a day to meet customers’ fabrication needs,” read the post.

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