Mustang Mach-E First Edition electric SUV fully booked: Ford Motor Co

In a statement, the second biggest U.S. carmaker Ford Motor Co stated, reservations were full for its high-end Mustang Mach-E First Edition electric sport utility vehicle.

The automaker had unveiled its electric Mustang crossover on November 17, and had begun taking orders for the same, with a refundable deposit of $500.

In addition to the First Edition, the Mach-E comes in four versions.

Ford did not provide a detailed breakup of the reservations, including one for the First Edition, which sells for around $60,000; it has however said, the global production in the first 12 months for all versions of the Mach-E is limited to 50,000 vehicles.

For Ford, the Mach-E has become a high-profile test as it comes during a time when the company is seeing a restructuring, profit warnings, costly quality issues, as well as the troubled launch of its Ford Explorer SUV.

Ford had unveiled the Mach-E in Los Angeles in November.

It will build the electric car in Mexico, which will be the first of more than a dozen all-electric vehicles that it plans on launching by 2022, for which it has allocated an investment of $11.5 billion.

Ford’s Mach-E’s design was inspired by the classic 1960s Mustang sports car and is positioned to challenge Tesla Inc’s offerings.

More than 80% of its U.S. customers have opted for the Mach-E with an extended range battery, while around 55% opted for an all-wheel drive, said Ford.

More than 25% of the Mach-E’s reservations are from California, with nearly 30% of U.S. customers preferring Mach-E GT, said Ford.

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