Boris Johnson rejects call for no-deal Brexit in election rally

Johnson’s election gamble and his no-deal Brexit stance is likely to split the pro-Brexit vote in some seats.

In a development that potentially splits the euroskeptic vote in Britain, following British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s rejection of calls to drop his Brexit stance and embrace a cliff hanger Brexit, drew angry backlash from Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage.

Although, Johnson had previously pledged to bring about Brexit with or without a deal on October 31, British lawmakers forced him to seek an extension until January 31.

In the December 12 elections, the Conservative Party’s manifesto has abandoned the threat of a no-deal Brexit, reported the Times newspaper.

On Friday, Johnson rejected a call from the Brexit Party to drop the Brexit deal he negotiated with the European Union, in order to form an electoral pact, saying he could put his deal through parliament after any election win.

“What we’ve got is a fantastic deal that nobody thought we could get,” said Johnson. “As soon as we get back in the middle of December, we can put that deal through.”

According to businesses and economists, without a transitionary deal Brexit would significantly hurt the British economy.

Proponents of a no-deal Brexit say it provides a clean break from EU rules and regulations.

“If The Times are right and Boris Johnson will abandon a clean break Brexit, and he wins an election on this, we will never be free of EU rules,” said Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage in a tweet. “The deal is simply not Brexit and does not get Brexit done.”

According to opinion polls, Johnson has a sizeable lead over Labour. It also suggests that more than 10% of voters back the Brexit Party; this is enough to split the pro-Brexit vote in some seats and could potentially hand victory to Labour.

For the Scottish National Party (SNP), the coming elections presents a chance to wipe away the gains made by the Conservative Party in 2017 as it pushes for a referendum on Scottish independence.

Addressing a pro-independence rally in Glasgow, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said independence was within touching distance.

“It is time for Scotland to choose our own future, it is time for Scotland to be an independent country,” said Sturgeon.

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