EU Supports Economic Changes Cuba, Discards US Pressure

The recent effort of Cuba to formulate and implement a modernization of its economy would be willingly supported by the European Union (EU), said High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of t EU, Federica Mogherini, on Monday.

“We are willing to accompany Cuba through this process with our cooperation. It is time to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this renewed relationship and to continue enriching it in the coming years,” said Mogherini, who is also vice president of the European Commission.

The comments were made by Mogherini at a press conference that he attended following a meeting with the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Speaking there, the “frank, open and constructive discussion,” at the meeting was hailed by Mogherini and added that the EU was deeply interested in consolidating and bettering its ties with Cuba.

Mogherini noted that the two sides have discussed by the growing and new opportunities for joint action and cooperation in the areas of energy, climate change, environment and culture between the two parties.

The decision of the United States to implement the Helms-Burton Act against Cuba through the activation of Title III for the first time in 23 years was clearly rejected by the European diplomat at the meeting and at the press conference.

That act of the United States has opened up the potential for the filing of numerous lawsuits by the US against companies of the European Union that are currently operational in Cuba or have business relations with the country or have properties that were nationalized or expropriated after the 1959 Cuban Revolution, according to experts.

In the case of the US applying the legislation on European companies, it would be considered to be “illegal” by the EU, according to Mogherini, who also added that the EU will resort to “all measures” that would be deemed necessary in order to safeguard the legitimate interests of its citizens.

The above mentioned conclusion is strongly supported by Cuba, said Rodriguez, and added that the business commitment of the European companies and the EU was appreciated by Cuba because the EU was acting even in the face of “pressure” from United States which, according to Rodriguez, were designed to keep the Cuban government isolated from the wider international community.

Mogherini has been on an official visit to Cuba since last Saturday to take part in the second EU-Cuba Joint Council meeting which began in Havana on Monday.

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