Colorado agrees to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle norms

This is a milestone for the electric vehicle industry in the U.S.

In a significant development, there has been a breakthrough in talks with major automakers agreeing to a deal with the state of Colorado wherein the state will adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) norms.

Earlier talks had ended without an agreement.

Colorado will now join California’s program, which starts in the 2023 model year, wherein automakers will earn credits for selling electric vehicles in the two model years prior to 2023; further they will also be allowed to use other transitional credits available in other states.

Two major auto trade groups represents 99% of U.S. car and truck sales including Volkswagen AG, General Motors Co, Hyundai Motor Co, and Toyota Motor Corp.

According to a statement by the auto trade groups, Colorado has agreed to address concerns “by providing the support Coloradans need to buy electric vehicles while allowing auto manufacturers to transition into Colorado’s ZEV program.”

California has been at the forefront in challenging the Trump administration’s strategy of rolling back Obama’s environmental regulations. Last week, California set its own environmental standards when it struck a deal with four major automakers to tighten emissions control rules, thus bypassing the Trump administration’s effort to strip the state of the right to fight climate change.

Colorado’s agreement will now have to be agreed by the state’s Air Quality Control Commission.

“This agreement will ensure that Coloradans have access to the range of clean car choices that are increasingly available to consumers in other states,” said Colorado Transportation Department Executive Director Shoshana Lew.

In a statement the automakers said, Colorado has committed to supporting “the increased adoption and sale of ZEVs, including the state’s commitment to increase the number of ZEVs in its fleet of vehicles.”

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