Banning Chinese Suppliers Would Not Delay 5G Rollout: Nokia

According to the CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, there would likely be no delay in the roll out of the next generation mobile technology 5G because of the possible exclusion of Chinese companies from such networks on alleged security grounds.

There is a serious thought being given in Europe about whether to prevent China’s Huawei Technologies from participating the construction of 5G networks according to the calls being given by the United States even as a number of large telecom operators have warned about possible set back to rolling out of 5G by years in case such a decision about Huawei is taken.

However according to Suri, concerns about possible derailment to roll of 5G networks in Europe because of a diminished number of vendors are being over stated. He said that delays in issuing spectrum to operators and high costs of auctions for the same in some countries such as Italy are the main reasons for Europe lagging behind the US in 5G network rollout.

“I think you cannot say that you know the situation caused by some of this will delay 5G rollout or that others are not capable or ready to provide equipment. That would not be accurate,” Suri said while talking to the media on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration has been aggressively urging its allies Europe to completely ban Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei from 5G network rollout over alleged closeness of the company with the Chinese government and that Chinese agencies could be making use of the equipment supplied by the company to spy on Western countries.

All such allegations and gears have been strongly rejected by Huawei and the company’s chairman Guo Ping has also reiterated that the company would never allow itself to be used by any country for espionage type of activities, while speaking in Barcelona.

The second largest networks manufacturing company in the world after Huawei, Nokia has already issued warnings of a timid start to 2019 but anticipates recovery of growth and strong demand in 2020 because of the fast rollout of 5G networks in many parts of the world.

The Finnish company has managed to bag a large contract in Australia, where Huawei has been banned from participating the 5G rollout over alleged national security concerns. Nokia is gas been chosen to provide a 5G fixed-wireless access network to operator Optus and 50 such sites would get activated by March.

The two companies said that initially and which would be the first in the world, a few selected customers of Optus would be provided with super-fast wireless internet which can be operated through a several devices while also allowing for delivering ultra-high-definition video to the home.

Nokia has also announced its partnership with Korea Telecom for trails of 5G service while it also gas struck an agreement with Britain’s Vodafone for providing active antennas for boosting 5G capacity and cut costs.

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