Banning Huawei From 5G Network Construction Being Considered In Germany

If media reports are to be believes, Huawei could soon be banned from another Western market of significance – Germany. Recent reports state that the government in Germany is considering methods that it can use to prevent the Chinese tech company from participating in the development of the next generation 5G mobile network in the country.

One of the options that Germany is considering is introducing stricter security requirements which would automatically disqualify Huawei from bidding for supplying its products for the 5G network.

There are a number of countries in the West that have already banned using telecommunication equipment from Huawei for their 5G networks because of security apprehensions from such usage.

The 5G networks is the next big thing in mobile connectivity infrastructure.

The Chinese tech company is arguably the largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment in the world and has in recent years been under the scanner of a number of Western countries for its alleged closeness with the Chinese establishment. There is a sense of concern and apprehension that the equipment supplied by the company has backdoors that can be exploited by Chinese agencies to spy on the country using the equipment.

All such allegations have been repeatedly denied by Huawei.

Huawei sees “no rational reason why it should be excluded from building 5G infrastructure in Germany, or indeed in any country in the world,” said the Chinese company in a statement.

On previous occasions however the interior ministry of Germany had made it clear that banning of any suppliers from its 5G network was opposed by it.

But according to the most recent reports from the country, that stance is being reconsidered by the ministry and is contemplating imposing stricter security requirements and other means to dissuade Huawei from being able to supply its equipment for the 5G network.

If such a move is approved by Germany, it would join a group of other western countries that have also taken similar steps to keep Huawei away from their core 5G networks.

Huawei has already been prevented from providing its technology for next-generation 5G mobile networks that are being set up in the US, Australia and New Zealand already.

Concerns over Huawei equipment have been released by the UK while the Canadian government is also revisiting its relationship with Huawei.

Last month BT said it would not use Huawei’s equipment for its 5G mobile network when it is rolled out in the UK.

A warning of “repercussions” was issued for Canada by China’s ambassador to the country on Thursday is the Chinese company was banned from participating in the construction of 5G network in the country. It should be mentioned that Canada and China is embroiled in a diplomatic row over the arrest of a senior executive of Huawei Canada and some Canadian citizens in China.

Huawei is also being investigated in the US over allegations of the company “stealing trade secrets” from US companies and also accusing the company of violating US sanctions on Iran.

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