British Prime Minister likely to force second vote on Brexit deal: The Sun

Britain’s economic future will be decided today in Parliament. Options range from reversing Brexit to a cliff hanger Brexit.

As per a report from British tabloid ‘The Sun’, Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to force a second parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal despite facing probable defeat.

On Tuesday, the British parliament is widely expected to vote against the deal which opens up a range of outcomes, which includes reversing Brexit to a cliff hanger Brexit.

May’s allies have claimed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered her some last-minute help in the form of extra concessions in the Brexit deal if British MPs were to reject her deal.

These concessions include persuading Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to agree to an end date to the so-called Irish backstop, said the report.

The European Union has conveyed to May that it stood by its commitments to find ways to avoid triggering the Irish backstop, an insurance policy to avoid the return of a hard border in Ireland, in their Brexit deal and that this pledge had legal weight.

Earlier this month, May spoke at length with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to secure concessions from Brussels in order to help her navigate the Brexit deal through parliament.

In recent weeks, she has also spoken at length with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, ahead of the Brexit vote in Britain.


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