Names Of Ivanka Trump, Nikki Haley Crop Up For Wold Bank Top Position

According to media reports published in the United States US President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka and former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley are the names that are making the rounds to be set up for the top job at the World Bank following the resignation of the current of Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

Last Monday, his resignation was announced by Kim in a surprise move by Kim even though he still had three years to before the end of the tenure for a second term at the office.

There are also the names that are reportedly being discussed such as Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs David Malpass and Mark Green, head of the US Agency for International Development apart from Ivanka Trump and Haley – who resigned as the US Ambassador to the United Nations last month.

In 2017, Ivanka Trump played an important role in securing a World Bank fund for promotion of women entrepreneurs worth $1 billion – a significant part of which was given by Saudi Arabia.

The US Treasury Department declined to comment on the issue, according to news agency AFP.

A spokesperson for the department reportedly said that the department has received a “significant number of recommendations.”

“We are beginning the internal review process for a US nominee. We look forward to working with the governors to select a new leader.”

It is up to the US president Donald Trump to choose the next head of the World Bank because this has been the tradition since the institution was founded following World War II. The tradition that the US would always chose the chief of the World Bank is followed according to an unwritten agreement. The choice of the US is given preference over other countries and shareholders of the bank because it is the largest shareholder of the institution.

However, reports also cautioned that this time, the choice of the US might not be completely assured to being hired for the post of the World Bank chief.

In 2012, it was, for a first time, that a US chosen candidate – Kim, had to face a contested election for the presidency of the World Bank. This time, there has been an announcement of the board of the bank that has said that the selection process for the president of the Bank will be “open, merit-based and transparent,” which means that there could be possibility of another voting for the US nominee against nominees from other countries.

According to the announcement made on Thursday by the World Bank Board, the board would begin taking in nominations to the position of the president of the Bank at the start of next year and the new president would be elected by the middle of April this year.

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