Germany sets asides $3 billion euros for R&D related to AI

Privacy-conscious Germany wants to bridge the benefits of advanced technologies with existing social model.

In a significant development that is a pointer to the strategic thinking of the German government, Europe’s biggest economy stated, it has set aside nearly $3 billion euros for research and development of of artificial intelligence. The move is aimed at closing the gap between software-driven innovations between itself and Asia and America.

The budgeted amount, to be spent up to 2025, is outlined in a draft paper titled “AI made in Germany”, is a pointer to Berlin’s concerns vis-a-vis challenges that AI and digital technologies pose to the country’s export-focused manufacturing industries.

The draft paper also focuses on the “social policy and labor” aspects of artificial Intelligence which reflects its nervousness in reference to the rampant technology changes that AI and digital innovations could bring about and disrupt its existing social models.

“We want to promote the use of AI applications in business,” states the paper. “(But…) a technology with such a profound impact as artificial intelligence… (must) be embedded in a… framework that protects fundamental social values and individual rights.”

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