YouTube’s Biggest Channel To Get Beaten By A Bollywood Music Label

YouTube has for years been dominated by Swedish video creator PewDiePie and has been among the top in the list of the channels on the platform that in terms of paid subscribers.

With a current number of more than 67 million subscribers, the most popular YouTube channel for five years has been Felix Kjellberg which is the real name of PewDiePie.

Now that dominance is being threatened by the growth of one particular channel the video sharing platform of Google.

The challenge is being posed by a popular Indian music record label T-Series which is very close to toppling PewDiePie from its position. The Indian music channel currently has 67.23 million subscribers which is short only by about 140,000 compared to the 67.37 million subscribers of PewDiePie.

And the rate of growth for T-Series has is much faster than that of PewDiePie. According to comparison data from social media statistics website Social Blade, there has been a 15 per cent growth in the number of subscriber to PewDiePie sinc eth beginning of the current year, the number of paid subscribers of T-Series has more than doubled in the same period.

According to Social Blade data, with more than 51.5 billion video views, this Bollywood music label is already the most-viewed YouTube channel.

T-Series has been in business since 1983. The company has been benefitted by the significant growth in the Indian internet users of late and there are a number of music videos that are uploaded on YouTube by the channel every day as well as trailers from upcoming movies.

The concern of being replaced as the most popular has been shrugged off by Kjellberg and has jokingly said that he would challenge T-Series to a fight “IRL,” meaning “in real life.”

PewDiePie had begun broadcasting in 2010 and the focus then was on playing horror video games and providing commentary at the initial stages of the channel on YouTube. In recent times, the focus of PewDiePie hgas shifted from original area of content and now it is more focused on providing clips of pure commentary and comedy.

However, the journey of PewDiePie has not been without controversies. He quoted controversy last year and was accused of anti-Semitism after posting a video where he portrayed himself paying two Indian men through the freelance service marketplace Fiverr for the payee to carry a sign reading the phrase “DEATH TO ALL JEWS.”

After the incident, ties with Kjellberg was cut by Disney’s Maker Studios, which has now changed name to Disney Digital Network. Google also took punitive action against Kjellberg for the incident and dropped Kjellberg from the Google Preferred platform. This platform allows advertisers to make paid advertisements in high-performing videos. In addition Google also stopped Kjellberg’s YouTube Red series “Scare PewDiePie.”

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