The Iconic Beetle Model Of VW To Be Discontinued In 2019

The classic and iconic Beetle brand was announced to be brought to an end by German car maker Volkswagen.

This announcement was made by the firm’s American unit. According to the announcement, the company would no longer manufacture any of the third-generation bulbous bug starting July of 2019 after the company launches two more editions for consumers.

It was way back in 1938 during the time of Adolf Hitler that the company had launched the compact Beetle. The model was introduced in the United States after 11 years. The car gained immense popularity as the utility vehicle of choice for transportation especially by the hippies. The sale of the iconic car was halted in the US in 1979. The last units of the original bugs were produced in Puebla, Mexico, in 2003.

The car was however reinvented by Volkswagen as a more modern “New Beetle” and was launched once again in the US market in 1998. However at that time, its customers were mostly female. In 2012, Volkswagen revamped the car for the US market so that it also becomes attractive to men. The car was remodelled with a flatter roof, a less bulbous shape, a larger trunk and a navigation system. And it has the effects with a five-fold increase in the sale of the car in the US market in just the first year at more than 29,000 units sold. That number surpassed the 46,000 units mark in 2013. However since then the sale had fallen. And according to Autodata Corpm just about 15,166 units of the car were managed to be sold by the Ger4man company last year.

The price of a Vintage Beetle can be quite significant. According to Chris Vallone of the Classic VW Bugs told the media that as much as $65,000 can be the price of an old Beetle from the 1950s while anything between $70,000 and $75,000 could be the price of off models that have a split window on the back. The main driver of such high prices is nostalgia.

The coupe and convertible body styles of the VW’s new special editions can be found in unique beige and blue colors in addition to the normal shades. Such models also have standard extra chrome, new wheels and three-color ambient lighting inside.

There are no immediate plans of the car maker to re-launch or revive the Beetle, but the possibility was not ruled out by the company,

“I would say ‘never say never,'” Volkswagen of America CEO Hinrich Woebcken said in a statement.

The company plans to roll out an electric version of the old Bus in 2022 called the I.D. Buzz.

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