Third-Gender Option Officially Approved By Germany

Germany is set to recognize the third sex and has coined the term “diverse” which has been approved for official identification of people of the third-gender and the term essentially means “other” or “various” and can be reversed at any point. the German government would approve the third gender for official identification records including birth certificates.

The historic bill was adopted by the government after a last year Supreme Court ruling and the bill is slated to come into effect at the end of this year after being approved by the parliament. That would make Germany the first European country to officially recognize sexual diversity.

All the administrative documents of the person concerned – ranging from the birth certificate to the passport and the driving license, will contain the word “diverse” which is fully-changeable.

Last year a Constitutional Court had found that the present system in Germany violated individual rights and anti-discriminatory laws. The court ordered that the government should introduce the third gender or eliminate the traditional gender entries.  The new gender entry has been devised to allow people to get themselves registered as neither male nor female.

The cas ein the Supreme court was related to a plaintiff who was intersex but had bene registered as a female. Later on, the court conducted a chromosome analysis which revealed the existence of just one X chromosome in the individual which meant that the person was neither male nor female.

Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y.

The plaintiff approached the courts for redress against the discrimination after unsuccessfully attempting to get registered as a third gender in place of being recognized as a female.

The court ruled that authorities could “opt to do without any gender identity in civil registers or allow people to choose ‘another positive designation of their sex’ that is not male or female.”

That would mean that “the expert reports required to determine the female or male sex will therefore be abolished,” according to Le Point. “Sexual identity is left to everyone’s choice.”

According to estimates, anything between 80,000 to 120,000 people in Germany identify themselves as intersex which means that there are no gender trait characteristics in them that can identify them as being “male” or “female”. Every year, genital surgeries are conducted on an average of 300 to 500 young children.

Germany has not been behind on gender issues. Since 2013, Parents are allowed to leave the gender related boxes lank on forms for their children if there is no clear gender-determining anatomy. The children are therefore left to decide their gender for themselves at a later stage in life.

New Zealand, Canada, India and Nepal also have adopted the third-gender option.

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