Only Recycled Plastics Would Be Used By Adidas For Its Products By 2024

Adidas wants to become completely sustainable as soon as it can with respect to its products.

The global giant of sportswear manufacturer has announced that it has committed itself of making use of only recycled plastic for its products by the year 2024.

Polyester is included in the list of the pledge by the company to completely forgo u\sage of all forms of “virgin” plastics. This was first reported in the Financial Times. because of its property to quickly dry off and because of its light weight, polyester is a plastic material that is very popular with sports apparel manufacturers even though it is widely put to use in manufacturing everything a wide range of products from t-shirts to sports bras.

The offices, retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centers would also completely stop usage of virgin plastic, Adidas also said. According to the company, this measure would help the company to save about 40 tons of plastic every year after the project is initiate din 2018.

Adidas is the latest in a series of global companies that have pledged to reduce plastic use.

Elimination of use of plastic straws from its stores has already been announced by Starbucks. On the other hand, a similar program in the United Kingdom and Ireland has been planned by McDonald’s. Single use plastic is also being eliminated from its stores and restaurants by Ikea.

Around 41 per cent of recycled polyester would be contained in its apparel line for the spring and summer of 2019, Adidas said.

The German based sports apparel company is also anticipating a sharp enhancement in the sales of its Parley shoes. This line of shoes has been developed by the company from plastic waste which have bene prevented from flowing into the ocean and collected for reuse. The company is anticipating the sale of this line of shoes globally to reach about 5 million pairs this year in comparison to sale of about 1 million in 2017 even though this line of shoes comprises only a small fraction of the total global sales.

There has been a 20-fold increase globally in plastic during the last 50 years and scientists and experts anticipate that this number would again get doubled by the next 20 years. Among the many reasons for usage of plastic its cheap price and its versatility of usage drive its rampant use. However, there is a growing awareness about the ill effects of its use in the environment among both governments and consumers.

According to research, by 2050, it has bene predicted that the earth’s oceans would contain more plastic than fish in terms of weight.

Globally, only about 14 per cent of used plastic gets collected for reuse and recycling. And compared to other materials, the reuse record of plastic is dismally poor with about 58 per cent of paper and up to 90 per cent of iron and steel getting recycled globally.

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