UN Chief Says Stronger EU, “Fair Globalization” Is Needed By The World

The world would need a stronger and “more intervening” European Union, believes UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The European Union is “missing action” in a number of areas where it is needed by the UN and others, Guterres said while addressing a seminar of a major think tank organized by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, in Naantali, southwestern Finland.

“We need multilateral systems and a clear set of rules for international relations. This is where the European Union has an absolutely crucial role to play,” Guterres said. More than hundred politicians and specialists had gathered at the seminar to review the future of the international system and the associated risks for smaller countries.

“Lack of trust is becoming a serious problem in international relations,” he said. “The world is moving from bipolar or unipolar system to being multipolar. But multipolar does not mean that it would be harmonious and peaceful,” he noted.

Preventive work was underlined by Guterres while talking about solving conflicts. “Mechanisms of control that existed earlier do not exist any longer. All the fault lines enhance each other and it is very difficult to find an entry point. And it is more and more difficult to solve conflicts.”

There is a lurking nuclear threat for the first time since the cold war, Guterres said.

The Middle East was identified as the worst while listing the current challenges by him. Other challenges include proliferation of the risks of weapons, cyber security, climate change and inequality. However, he assured that he wants to remain optimistic.

More than has been listed in the Paris climate meeting needs to be done, said the UN chief. Climate change is happening faster than humans can react, he said.

Enhancement in world inequality is also a cause of concern according to him. the lagging behind of many parts of the world is also a security concern. “A fair globalization” is yet to be created, Guterres said.

He also expressed concerns over threats associated with advancement in technology. he believes that in the future, dramatic change would be witnessed in job availability and in societal structures.

The international community is not adequately ready to face that change, he said. “We have had similar situations in the past, but usually there was time to adjust. It is not clear whether this impact can be absorbed.” While those countries that are high on technology would be able to ride out the challenge but those without it cannot, he said.

A platform for discussions is the future role of the UN according to him. Because traditional types of regulations would not be suitable for artificial intelligence, therefore rigid regulations would not be possible even though the UN could play a role, he believes.

(Adapted from Xinhaunet.com)


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