Saudi Products Banned From Being Sold In Qatar

Retailers in Qatar have been asked not to sell any products that come from Saudi Arabia and all of the other countries that had banned Qatar and broken off their relations with it almost a year ago.

Accusing Qatar of harboring terrorism in the region, a political and commercial embargo was imposed on it by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain ion June 2017.

The small middle eastern country was consequently forced to approach other countries such as Turkey to find alternatives for the supplies such as food and other essential items that it used to import from the four countries as it had suddenly bene faced by the challenge of supply of such products being cut off.

However, some products were still being brought into Qatar by third parties from the boycotting countries through “through illegal channels”, Qatari sources reportedly told the media.

Protection of consumers and combatting of smuggling were the aims of the decision of the Qatari government to order retailers from selling the products, said a statement from the government.

Media reports said that pro food, dairy and meat were among the products that the government felt had to go through quality checks.

During the early days of the crisis, there had been a ban on the sale of goods from the boycotting countries. however, the government has noted in increase in smuggling of products from the boycotting countries in recent times.

In the meantime, there appears to be no solution in sight to end the standoff between the Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries who are a part of the boycott and the tiny country of Qatar. All of the accusations levelled against it of supporting terrorism have been vigorously denied by the Qatari government.

The country has been able to adapt to the new environment after coping with the initial shock last year, the Qatari government says.

A focus on the economic integration with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was a previous focus of the Qatari government. The GCC is a group of six countries of the Middle east that has a common market and a common customs union. But the country has attempted to fast diversified its trading partnership following the boycott.

The economic disruption because of the boycott has been coped up by Qatar because of its wealth from energy sources. The country is the leader in the world in the export of liquified natural gas and has a 30 per cent market share in the segment and the biggest customers of its products include Japan, South Korea and India.

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