Consumer Boycott Forces Firms To M Move Away From NRA As A Fallout Of The Florida Shooting

Following the tragic Florida school shooting, calls against companies that have businesses linked to the US gun lobby to be boycotted have been given in the country even as relationship with the National Rifle Association have been cut by an increasing number of companies.

Discounts for NRA members have been stopped by car rental giants Hertz and Enterprise and now United and Delta airlines have followed suit.

There have been renewed calls for stricter gun controls in the U.S. following the killing of 17 people I the Florida incident.

Calls for increasing the minimum age to 21 from 18 have been supported by Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott.

Mr Scott is associated with his erstwhile opposition of imposition of stricter laws in the state of Florida and is viewed as a friend of the NRA. However, there is increasing pressure on him to react positively to the demands made by the surviving students in the incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Companies that give benefits like discounts to the members of the NRA were first targeted by activists which has been the strategy to put pressure on the NRA ever since the shooting incident happened.

The hashtag #BoycottNRA is now flooding the social media with comments for the corporate partners of NRA.

Companies that distributes distributes NRA television programmes such as Amazon and delivery company FedEx are among the companies that are under pressure from the activists.

Renewal of NRA-branded credit cards were stopped by the family-owned First National Bank of Omaha last Thursday on account of “customer feedback”.

And starting March 26, all discounts that are currently offered to NRA members would be stopped by Enterprise Holdings, which the parent company for rental car brands Alamo, Enterprise and National.

Through the weekend, there were also a number of companies that sought to distance themselves from the NRA. Symantec Corp which had been giving given discounts NRA members for it’s LifeLock identity theft product, moving brands of Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lease, Simplisafe – a home security company, the Avis Budget Group and the MetLife Insurance are among those companies.

an NRA-branded insurance policy had bene stopped form being underwritten three months ago by insurance company Chubb, it announced recently.

Fliers Delta Air Lines and United said that they would request removal of their information from the website of NRA, the companies announced on Saturday. NRA members who are scheduled to travel for its annual meeting in May were being offered discounts by both the airlines.

Additionally, in a statement to the Miami Herald newspaper, the president of the Florida Education Association in Florida said that the association has given a call for the state government to examine and relook its policy on pension holdings in gun companies. The association represents teachers in the region.

There were no media comments made by the NRA. The group used Twitter to defend itself and called for people to focus on the follies of the law enforcement agencies instead of them.

“Instead of placing the blame on an organization that defends everyone’s #2A rights, maybe people should take a hard look at the number of failures by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies or does that not fit your agenda?” it wrote.

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