Tractica Report Predicts Unit Sale Of Autonomous Trucks And Buses To Touch 188,000 Annually By 2022

The assumption that many industries are most likely to be disrupted by commercial, access to availability and adoption of self-driving vehicles is almost ensured because in recent years, autonomous vehicles have attracted am explosion of interest.

And the trucking sector which is considerd to be the backbone for all supply chain systems is one industry that is already experiencing the impact of disruption of the trend. And the scenario of last-mile passenger transportation is also undergoing a sea change by rapid transit networks and automated shared mobility and therefore another industry that is not far off from the trucking industry is the public transport industry. Cleaner air, reduction in noise pollution, and larger and safer areas for walking and riding is promised as self-driving shuttles and coaches slowly but surely replace cars thereby reducing number of cars on the road.

In 2017, $84 million was the global revenues generated from sale of autonomous trucks and buses according to a new report from Tractica. The report further predicts that the market would continue developing and growing steadily at a strong rate during the next few years. The report also anticipates greater industry competition whicih would present significant opportunities for multiple industry participants. In the end, the report predicts that by the end of 2022, the global revenue of the industry would reach a total of $35 billion. The number of units that is predicted to be sold would touch 188,000 units in 2022 from the current number of only about 343 vehicles in 2017 during the period of the report.

“The potential for autonomous trucks and buses is huge and market growth is accelerating, with news of successful pilot projects coming at an increasing pace,” says research analyst Manoj Sahi. “Considering the next 2 to 3 years as a make or break time, several prominent companies are prioritizing investment for large-scale development.”

The report from Tractics is titled “Autonomous Trucks and Buses” and studies the market and technology aspects related to the autonomous trucks and buses segment and presents a 6-year market sizing and forecasts of total shipments and revenue generation for the period between 2017 through to 2022. The most important issues of the technology which can potentially impact the market development assessed and the crucial market drivers and challenges are analyzed the report. The report comprises of profile of 32 industry players. Market forecasts are segmented by world region and vehicle type

Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology.

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