Intentional Slowdown Of Older iPhones Could Be Disabled By Users In Next Software Update: Tim Cook

Apple iPhone users would have the opportunity soon to chose not to be part of the attempt of Apple to intentionally slow down the performance of the smartphone as the company apologizes for the slowdowns of older iPhones.

Apple had been issuing software updates for older iPhones with aging batteries in order to protect that phones which resulted in the phones slowing down in performance, the company acknowledged last year.

The next iPhone software update from Apple would be one that would be more transparent in relation to the health of the phone battery, Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC news following a huge reaction against Apple’s measure of slowing down of iPhones by the public. iPhone users would also be allowed to select whether to stick with the software updates and reduce the performance of iPhones to save batteries or otherwise

“We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent. This hasn’t been done before,” Cook said. “We will tell somebody ‘We’re slightly reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart.’ And if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.”

Developers would be rolled out the iOS next month by Apple, Cook said. That would be followed by the update being distributed among consumers.

Cook does not recommend the users to opt out even though the software would have the option. Older iPhones which have aging batteries tend to switch off when the power is low so that the components are protected because the performance of the lithium-ion batteries deteriorates over time.

Earlier, Apple had announced that the aim of issuing the software updates for the older versions of iPhones – the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7, were developed to “smooth out” peak power demands and prevent the sudden shutdowns so that the life of the batteries were extended.

As an additional measure in the face of the controversy, Apple had also announced the temporary reduction pf the price for older battery replacement for iPhone 6 and later models from January at a rate of $29 every exchange. But form 2019, the price would again be increased to $79.

There were allegations by some tech analysis and even users that Apple had intentionally slowed down the performance of older iPhones so that users are induced to replace them with the latest models and thereby increase sale of the newer and recently launched models.

“We deeply apologize for anybody that thinks we had some other kind of motivation,” Cook told ABC. “Our motivation is always the user.”

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