Healthcare Startup Claims Of Offering Blockchain Based Healthcare Services For Seamless Delivery Of Services

The anticipated rise in the expenses for healthcare globally by 2.4% to 7.5% by 2020 is being proposed to be tackled by Healthureum which is a health-focused startup and its operations are based on the blockchain technology.

Containment and reduction of the healthcare expenses is the aim of the Estonia-based startup. Inefficiencies in operations, resources, data, drug sourcing, and technology is sought to be reduced by Healthureum.

There is a trend globally of incentivized measure for healthcare gaining popularity. This is specifically visible in Japan where companies are rewarded under the METI program for engaging in health preventative care and productivity.

A solution based on blockchain is offered by Healthureum on this issue. The company says that costs, resources, infrastructure and operational requirements would be reduced while access to expertise and services would be enhanced for the benefit of the stakeholders by the technology-driven healthcare. and CTO Malcolm Wilkinson confirmed that:

“In 2015, a record 112 million healthcare record data breaches occurred due to IT hacks. Now imagine how the use of an interoperable blockchain could mitigate this risk due to its cryptographic nature, bringing a new level of integrity to healthcare data management.”

In order to “achieve more for less”, telehealth, virtual reality, and immunotherapy have been identified by Deloitte as being the most important among ten innovations in healthcare sector. The research firm identifies one key problem – effective sharing of data and integration of technical ability.

This problem is attempted to be solved by Healthureum with the use of its blockchain based technological solutions.

Healthureum LPC Danuta Kowalska stated that: “Through blockchain, we can achieve decentralized healthcare, closing the gap between services: through transparency, security and most importantly accountability.”

According to the company, standardization, scalability and social responsibility would be easily achievable by integration of blockchain and smart contract technology.

This technology would able to provide token holders real-time, historic medical data, data transparency and other infrastructure access instantly. There would be permission layers which would secure the sharing of medical data of patients within the healthcare stakeholders. It would also ensure a safe and quick payment system for quicker diagnosis by a specialist through video consultations.

The interoperability of healthcare services and its efficiency can be enhanced by the technology being offered by Healthureum’s platform – which is based on Ethereum blockchain. The transactional medium would be the Healthureum token (HTH), which lies at the core of the project.

Healthureum CTO and data scientist Mr. Malcolm Wilkinson said: “By adopting a decentralized approach to data management, we eliminate human errors, third-party influence, the risk of tampering and manipulation. Thus, we can achieve a more robust means for storing and sharing data securely.”

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