New Features And Pick Up Trucks Promised On Twitter By Tesla’s Elon Musk

Following request for suggestions from followers about how to improve the company, Teals founder Elon Musk made the promise on Twitter.

An open-backed truck would be launched by Tesla following the production of Model Y – which is a yet-to-be detailed car and which is anticipated to be based on the Model 3 sedan, he said.

However, the repeated delivery delays by Tesla were noted by experts.

This has resulted in many being skeptical about the ability of the loss-making company to meet the commitments that it has already made. This includes the expected production of a lorry and a sports car.

Intelligent windscreen wipers were among the number of other promises that were made by Mr Musk with respect to new features that Tesla wants to add to the existing vehicles.

According to data from Morningstar Equity Research, the popularity of pick-up trucks in the United States can be gauged form the fact that about $90 billion a year is the total sale value of the three leading manufacturers currently.

While there has been a drop in the demand for other vehicles, there has been a growth in demand of the during the last 12 months.

And during the press conference in November related to the launch of the Semi lorry, the ideas of Mr Musk were briefly shown in an image that displayed an obscured pick-up shown briefly.

the vehicle would likely be “slightly bigger” than Ford’s bestselling F-150 pick-up to allow it to contain an unspecified “game-changing” feature, Mr Musk said in his tweets.

“[I] have had the core design/engineering elements in my mind for almost five years,” he added.

There were requests for the current vehicle range to be updated which were also addressed through the tweets by the entrepreneur.

Mr. Musk promised development of automatically adjusting windscreen wipers which change speed to match the amount of rains. This is a facility that is already provided in some vehicles by Volkswagen, Volvo and Mazda. He also promised “vastly better” maps and sat-nav software. A rehash of the web browser for its cars’ touchscreens, which has been described as “almost unusable” by experts was also promised. And lastly, he promised a “disco mode” for its vehicles’ interior lights which would blink according to the music beats.

But Tesla’s recent performance does not match Mr Musk’s ambitions.

While admitting its delay in schedule by a number of months for the Model 3 deliveries, the company also announced its largest ever quarterly loss of $619 million in November.

The production deadlocks were due to issue with steel welding and with battery assembly, the company had said.

Tesla would burn out all of its cash reserves in 2018 of it continued to burn cash at the rate is was doing right now, warned news agency Bloomberg.

“There are a growing number of people who are looking to Tesla to fulfil on its existing promises rather than make more ones,” Paul Newton, an analyst at the IHS Automotive consultancy, told the BBC.

“It has a large number of back orders for the Model 3, and only a handful of painstakingly hand-built cars have been delivered.

“There’s bound to be growing skepticism if waiting lists and waiting times grow longer while yet another new model is unveiled.”

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