Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships And New Talent Management Solutions Helps Growth Of HealthSource In 2017

The major milestones that have been achieved in 2017 by HealthSource in helping healthcare organizations in delivering quality care via quality talent throughout the entire continuum of care were announced by the firm recently.

HealthSource provides talent management solutions aimed for the betterment of the healthcare industry.

“The year 2017 has been one of significant change in the healthcare industry, with increasing demands on our health systems, consolidation, workforce shortages, and, most importantly, a focus on improving quality of care,” said J.P. Fingado, President and Chief Executive Officer, HealthcareSource. “To address these issues, we’ve expanded our talent management offerings to cover the full continuum of care through new products and partnerships, and the acquisition of contingent talent management and senior living and post-acute care solutions.”

“Our plans for 2018 are focused on ensuring our 3,500 clients, spanning over 6,000 facilities across the country, have the tools, data, and insights they need to hire, keep, and grow the highest quality workforce,” Fingado continued.

Strategies for widening of product offerings, expansion of health care firms into new and challenging markets and big data have been provided by the firm in 2017.

The company acquired Vikus Corporation to cater to the explicit requirements of senior care providers through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. This solution is developed to help in attracting, hiring, and retaining of the best available talent in the area of senior living care and post-acute care.

The company also acquired Centricity Contingent Staffing software which would enable the firm to now offer a one off solution for all business activities and processes for staffing agencies – from onboarding to invoicing.

The firm also launched the HealthSource Job Board usable by both job seekers and employers. This board lists over 50,000 open healthcare opportunities. This has also helped the firm to offer an end-to-end talent acquisition portfolio.

The firm also received an endorsement of its recruitment optimization, behavioral assessments, reference checking, and performance management solutions from the American Hospital Association’s (AHA). This endorsement is given to firms, products and services that enable the member hospitals of AHA in the achievement of operational excellence.

The firm also launched the HealhtSource Recruitment Marketing which would help companies in the healthcare industry to pull qualified candidates and identify interested talent. It also enables interacting with the potential candidates and the optimization of the recruiting practices.

The company also entered into a partnership with Katon Direct so that clients and users of HealthcareSource Position Manager are able to gain access to rich, regional, talent-related data so that they able to make better decisions related to efficient recruiting strategies.

The company also engaged in significant innovation in the area of learning, assessment, and performance products which allow companies in the healthcare segment to implement a process of continuous feedback and enhance knowledge of employees and enhance the ability of identifying and growing talent.

The products offered by HealthSource are used by over 3,500 healthcare organizations and staffing agencies to achieve quality patient care through adequate recruitment, retaining, and development of quality talent.

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