Carmakers across the European Union post record sales

European carmakers, including PSA, Renault, VW and others have posted record sales in November.

According industry data publishes on Thursday, car sales in Europe have risen by 5.8% with the PSA Group and Toyota posting the strongest sales among the region’s major automakers.

Last month, registration of vehicles in the European Union and in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, have risen to 1.26 million cars, from 1.19 million a year earlier, said ACEA, a Brussels-based industry body.

Eleven-months sales were up by 4% to 14.5 million autos.

PSA’s sales have surged by a whopping 83% from November 2016 to 200,211 cars, despite registrations of its newly acquired Opel-Vauxhall division not being included in the tally; Toyota’s sales were up by 12% to 57,355 cars.

In comparison Renault’s sales grew at a more modest rate of 10% to 139,335 vehicles whereas the sales of Fiat Chrysler’s cars slipped by 1% to 74,568 and were weighed down by the decline of more than 20% each of its Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands.

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest automotive group, reported a sales growth of 5% to 310,647 cars with its premium brands Porsche, Audi as well as mass-market brands, Skoda and Seat all posting moderate growth.

The five biggest automaker states in Europe, including France, Germany, and Spain robust double-digit.

In contrast, car sales in Britain, Europe’s No 1 automaker, saw sales plummet by 11% over weak consumer confidence and Brexit related uncertainties. The future of diesel has also hurt consumer spending sentiments.

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