Brexit talks set to enter crucial phase on physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

Any kind of disturbance or instability could potentially muddy the waters of Brexit negotiations which are set to enter a critical phase.

Pushing for increased stability, Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Foreign Minister, underscored the fact that the country does not need to deal with the additional uncertainty of an elections when it is already facing one with the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The Brexit talks are currently entering a crucial phase on ways to avoid a physical border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

On Thursday, the Irish government was close to a collapse after the party on whom Prime Minister Leo Varadkar depends to pass legislation stated it would try and remove the sitting deputy prime minister, in a breach of their cooperation agreement.

“Ireland does not need an election right now. There is no reason why Frances Fitzgerald should be forced to resign. The issues that are under discussion are under investigation by a tribunal we all agreed to set up,” said Coveney.

He went on to add, “The main opposition party… are risking an election at a time when there are some really, really serious issues for the government to manage in the national interests,” in reference to Brexit negotiations.

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