Data falsification in Quality Assurance standards engulfs Mitsubishi Materials Corp

The latest QA related scandal revolves around Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials Corp’s O-Ring sealents which impacts the aircraft and aerospace and nuclear industries.

In yet another instance of a quality assurance scandal, Japan’s Nikkei financial daily reported, citing multiple sources, that a unit of Mitsubishi Materials Corp has been falsifying product data on its O-rings, that are used by hundreds of customers for industrial products which include aircraft, for years.

Officials from Mitsubishi Materials Corp could not be reached immediately for comment on Thursday, a national holiday.

According to the company’s website, its O-rings, used as a sealing product, are supplied “to the critical area of aircraft and aerospace and nuclear use, based on high quality and reliability”.

According to the Nikkei report, Mitsubishi Materials Corp came across the issue during an investigation following a data falsification scandal at Kobe Steel.

Mitsubishi Materials owns 45% in a copper tube joint venture with Kobe Steel, which includes the Hatano plant, the epicenter of the falsification scandal.

Kobe Steel has admitted that its workers had tampered with product specifications. This has had a cascading effect on the global supply chain of aircraft manufacturers and others who have now been forced to check on the safety or performance of their products and gauge its impact on their product quality.

Japanese manufacturing prowess has taken a body blow in a series of quality assurance related revelations, which includes automakers Subaru and Nissan, who have also failed to comply with final inspection procedures for decades.


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