9% Of US Jobs Could Be Eliminated In 2018 Due To AI-Enabled Automation, Forrester Predicts

There is an expected manual to automation for IT and data management, addition of about half a million of new ager digital workers or bots in the US and an increase in white-collar automation are the prediction that a report titled ‘Predictions 2018: Automation Alters The Global Workforce’ makes. The report has been prepared by Forrester Research.

“Companies that master automation will dominate their industries,” Forrester says.

According to an interpretation of the report, there will be creation of 2% new jobs for supporting of the automation environment while 9% of jobs would be lost to automation in the U.S. in 2018. Call center employees, sales and back-office and administration are the areas that would be specifically impacted by this trend. While creating a need for new skill sets, hiring and staffing strategies would also be impacted by a wide range of technologies ranging from physical robots, customer self-service, AI and robotic process automation.

The report also predicts that despite an initial political backlash, the process would not be deterred. This would be driven by the assumption that nearly all jobs would be impacted by automation in 2018. But due to the fact that the economic value of automation will outweigh political resistance, it will ultimately hold sway. Making investments in PR and change management are the recommendations for the corporate from Forrester.

There will also be an addition of about 500,000 in the number of digital workers in the U.S. due to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2018. More than 311,000 office and administrative positions would be replaced by RPA-based digital workers or bots, says the report. additionally, about 260,000 in sales and related positions would also be replaced. And consequently, by the end of 2017, the total market for RPA software will be more than $500 million, which is expected to double to touch $1.06 billion till 2018 end.

Automation would also be emphasized by digital transformation. Customer experience would be changed by the recasting of automation in 2018. In this respect, voice and chat interaction would be used and would be supported by AI building blocks that are able to interpret conversation and intent of customers, make decisions for them, resolve exceptions, complete transactions, and remove simple, standardized tasks from human work. The report also urges companies to invest in broad automation efforts like creation of automation centers of excellence.

Compared to presenting data across case stages or process redesigning with the related integration, chatbots or RPA-enabled smart search would be able to complete tasks further supported by AI. The centralization of information and automation of personal administrative tasks would be done by a bot acting as a personal assistant. Companies would be able to enhance productivity as their employees would be able to access data from one centralized source of information.

(Adapted from Forbes)


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