Ashcroft model predicts a win by the Conservative Party by 64 seats

The model is contingent on the turnaround of select groups of voters on election day.

As per a model created by businessman and former Conservative Party donor Michael Ashcroft, British Prime Minister Theresa May could potentially win a 64-seat majority in the country’s national election.

In recent years, Ashcroft has funded a significant amount of opinion polls. His model shows a greater likelihood that May’s Conservatives Party will win the June 8 Parliamentary elections by a at least 64 seats.

“As always, it is important to emphasize that the Ashcroft Model deals with probabilities not predictions, meaning the actual result may well fall either side of these estimates,” clarified Ashcroft, who went on to add, that the model made assumptions as to which groups of voters turned out in bigger numbers on election day.


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