Brexit is more than just what meets the eye

Here are the views of EU’s foreign policy chief on Brexit during her visit to Beijing.

Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, has stated that Britain is set to lose more than just its membership in the EU from its decision to leave the bloc and expects Brexit negotiations to be difficult.

“They will have to dismantle their belonging to a community. We will lose an important member state,” said Mogherini to students at China’s Tsinghua University during a trip to Beijing.

“Let me tell you that to me all member states are important, equally, because one can be contributing more on some policies than others. But I think our British friends will lose more than what we lose,” she added.

Brexit negotiations are slated to begin in June after Britain’s surprise June 8 snap elections, which has been endorsed by its parliament.

“It’s clear in our treaties that it is two years, only two years, from when the negotiations start, that was March this year. This cannot be delayed. I do not expect that it will be faster than that,” said Mogherini.

China is nervous about the Brexit process since it will lose a 6th of its economic output when Britain leaves the EU, its largest trading partner.

“The European Union, even after the UK will be out, will continue to be the first market in the world, the second largest economy in the world,” said Mogherini.

She went on to add, “I am seeing all our partners in these months telling us that the European Union is needed, and this is the message I also get from here in China that the European Union is an indispensable partner in the world today”.

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