Twitter exploring subscription revenue model

Twitter could push a subscription model for its Tweetdeck interface for professionals.

Twitter Inc is deliberating whether it to build a version of its Tweetdeck interfaced aimed at professionals, thus raising the possibility of collecting subscription fees for its services.

Since its founding almost eleven years ago, like many of its peers, Twitter has largely focused on building a massive user base for its free service which is supported by advertising.

Twitter has 319 million users, as per February 28, 2017.

However, unlike Facebook Inc, the company hasn’t managed to attract advertising revenues to turn a profit, despite its popularity with celebrities and public figures, including Donald Trump.

To get a better handle on the matter at hand, Twitter is conducting a survey “to assess the interest in a new, more enhanced version of Tweetdeck,” said Brielle Villablanca, Twitter’s spokeswoman in a statement.

She went on to add, “We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions, and we’re exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck even more valuable for professionals.”

Twitter has yet to decide whether it will adopt a subscription model from all of its users.

A journalist affiliated with the New York Times had earlier posted a leaked screenshot of Twitter’s premium Tweetdeck which includes “more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others in our community find out what is happening in the world quicker,” reads a tweet on the screenshots posted on the account @andrewtavani.

The premium version could be ad-free.

Microsoft Corp’s LinkedIn has taken a tiered memberships approach with the paid version providing greater access and data.


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