Amazon’s web services sneezes, the internet catch cold

The very service that businesses, universities and institutions depend on suffered a setback causing a ripple effect across the World Wide Web.

With’s cloud services suffering a technical glitch on Tuesday, users and businesses across the web experiences disruption of its services.

On Tuesday, Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service faced a technical issue when sending and receiving clients’ data for more than 3-1/2 hours, as per Amazon’s status reports online.

The issue does not seem to have resolved fully since some of its smaller cloud applications in North America are continuing to face disruption of its services.

Amazon did not disclose the cause of its technical glitch.

This incident underscored the growing dependency of businesses on cheap and secure cloud storage services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds the no. 1 spot in the cloud storage industry.

Incidentally, Apple Inc also reported issues in its app store and music streaming service as well as in other products, which however later got resolved.

Apple did not immediately comment on the cause of the disruption of its services. However, earlier the company had mentioned that it is an Amazon S3 customer.

The editor in chief of The Verge, Nilay Patel, wrote on Twitter that an article was “published without an image because our image system runs on AWS.”

Similarly, Slack Technologies Inc, a messaging startup stated on Twitter that users may have faced difficulty in uploading files due to problems with its hosting service.

“Imagine your business not being able to run for a day. That’s a big problem,” said Gene Munster, head of research for Loup Ventures.

The disruption in service was not confined only to the business world. It affected the academia as well. A site for Georgetown University professors to manage course content and grade assignments, which, as you guessed, relies on Amazon’s cloud services, faced “connectivity problems”.

Even the SEC site was affected: in a statement the SEC’s spokesperson said, “Our cloud services provider has informed us that they are experiencing issues that are affecting page loads on and that they are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.”

Amazon’s shares were down by less than 1%.

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