Hyundai Motors increases its pace in the race to develop self-driving cars

The company has hired Lee Jin-woo, 47, former researcher at General Motors to oversee its research into the field of autonomous automated transportation technology.

The Hyundai Motor Group has jumped in the fray of developing next generation vehicles. The company has hired, Lee Jin-woo, 47, a former researcher from General Motors to oversee and accelerate its body of work to develop fully autonomous vehicles.

The tech race for developing tomorrow’s automobiles just got more competitive.

Lee Jin-woo, will now head General Motors’ newly created Intelligent Safety Technology Center, a research body for Hyundai Motors and its affiliated Kia Motors, starting from today.

“The new centre will not only enhance existing Advanced Drive Assistance System technologies but also conduct research into artificial intelligence related self-driving car technologies with the aim of commercialising those technologies,” said Hyundai Motor said in a statement.

Hyundai Motors, in combination with Kia, is the world’s 5th largest maker of automobiles. The company plans on developing highly automated vehicles by 2020, and fully automated vehicles by 2030.

Industry experts however state, Hyundai needs to do a lot more to catch up with rivals in the race for tomorrow’s autonomous automated vehicles.

“Bringing in one person is not enough. Hyundai should form alliances with other companies, which will help hedge financial risks related to developing self-driving cars at a time of falling profit,” said Lee Hang-koo, a senior research fellow at Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade.

“But this requires commitment from the top management.”

The company typically promotes executives from with the Hyundai Motor Group. It has now hired a series of high profile executives from abroad, most of which pertain to the design and engineering field.


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