US Airways wins $15 million in antitrust suit against Sabre

Sabre reacted to the verdict stating that it believes that it has operated “fairly and lawfully.” It will go on appeal.

On Tuesday, in a landmark ruling, the American Airlines Group Inc. (AIG) won nearly $15.3 million in an antitrust lawsuit in which it had accused Sabre Corp, an airline booking service of harming competition and grossly charging inflated fees for booking airplane tickets.

A federal jury in Manhattan awarded AIG nearly $5.1 million, only a fraction of the $73 million it was seeking at trial.

However, the sum will triple automatically under federal antitrust law.

AIG had sued under the name of US Airways, the carrier it merged with in 2013.

In 2011, US Airways had filed the lawsuit.

However, the jury has rejected a separate claim that Sabre had conspired with its competitors to not compete with each other.

Sabre responded to the jury verdict saying, it believes that it has operated “fairly and lawfully.” Sabre will appeal the verdict.

Sabre’s shares reacted to the verdict by dipping by 35 cents to $25.15, on Nasdaq.

The case is US Airways Inc v. Sabre Holdings Corp et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 11-cv-2725.

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