Daimler’s 1st pure EV will be manufactured in Bremen

The model will be based on the sporty SUV coupe-styled EQ vehicle that it displayed in the Paris auto show last month.

Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s parent has stated that its first new EQ electric vehicle under the Mercedes-Benz brand will be built in northern German city of Bremen by the end 2020.

Thanks to advances in battery technology and greater consumer acceptance of zero-emission vehicles, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz aim to push for the launch of 10 pure electric vehicles by 2025.

The EV that will be built in Bremen will be based on the sporty SUV coupe-style EQ vehicle that it presented at the Paris auto show last month, said Daimler.

Currently, the Bremen plant manufactures more than 10 different models including plug-in hybrids of the C-Class and the GLC SUV. In addition to these 10 model, Daimler also plans on making the GLC, a fuel-cell operated vehicle which will compete with Toyota’s Mirai.

The battery for the EVs will be developed by Accumotive, owned by Daimer, and will be produced in Kamenz, Saxony.


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