Spanish rival joins Carlos Slim’s consortium to bid for $3.5billion Mexico airport terminal

Slim has already won the bid for building the airport’s runway. The wining of a further bid will consolidate his construction business and set off the losses from his telecom venture.

As per 5 sources familiar with the matter at hand, Tycoon Carlos Slim’s construction arm is holding talks with FCC, and Acciona, for a joint bid on Mexico City’s airport terminal project.

Carlos Slim has a majority stake at FCC, while Acciona is his Spanish rival.

As per 4 sources, the consortium would also include three other Mexican companies with whom he has previously bid and won of building the airport’s runways.

The bid for the terminal comes right behind the runway bid. It is testimony to Slim’s aggressive push to boost his construction business since his telecom venture, America Movil, is reeling under intense heat of regulations and competition.

The futuristic design of the airport came from Fernando Romero, Slim’s son-in-law and British architect Norman Foster.

Expected to open in 2020, the $13 billion airport aims at turning Mexico City into a regional hub and is expected to service more than 68 million passengers.

Last month, Slim with three other Mexican companies, which includes Constructora Y Edificadora GIA+A (GIA), Grupo Hermes and Promotora y Desarrolladora Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (Prodemex), clinched the bid for building the airport’s runway which was worth $396 million, (7.36 billion pesos).

According to one of the sources, the bidding process is close to being finalised. Another source disclosed that in Slim’s consortium, companies were eyeing for equal stakes.

Hermes, Prodemex, GIA did not respond to requests for comment.

FCC and Carso declined to comment.


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