Airbus to beat Boeing in aircraft deliveries by 2020 – Airbus CEO

Airbus plans on ramping up the deliveries of the A320Neo narrowbody and the A350 widebody while maintain its order lead from Boeing.

A German newspaper has reported citing an interview given by Airbus’s CEO Fabrice Bregier that the European airplane manufacturer is set to overtake Boeing in annual aircraft deliveries by 2020.

“In 2020 we will deliver more planes than Boeing again,” said Fabrice to German newspaper Welt.

Although Airbus has taken the lead in acquiring new orders for years, since 2012, Boeing has been leading in terms of deliveries.

Bregier went on to add that Airbus would particularly focus on its A320 neo narrowbody and its A350 widebody airplanes.

As of September 30, deliveries by Airbus stood at 26. Bregier is targeting the delivery of 50 A350 aircrafts by the end of this year.


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