Airbus paces its production to 1 a month, plans better efficiency

While the A380 has increased capacity, new entrants have higher fuel efficiency. Once it improves key efficiency metrics, Airbus would be able to better cope with the competition.

The head of Airbus’s 380 program has told Le Figaro that it plans on pacing the output of its assembly line for the superjumbo jet to one per month from 2018 onwards. The European place manufacturer is struggling to revive sales of the A380 superjumbo jet – the world’s largest passenger jet.

“This decision allows us to smooth our deliveries pending new orders,” said Alain Flourens to Le Figaro. Currently Airbus’ assembly line produces 2.5 aircrafts a month.

According to Airbus, the double decker is an attractive option since it can potentially reduce significant amount of congestions midst growing air traffic.

The A380 is facing stiff competition from 4-engined airliners since the newcomers have an increased range and fuel efficiency.

“The A380 still has a place in the Airbus product portfolio,” said Flourens.

Of note is the fact that Airbus plans on improving the A380’s efficiency.


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