VW’s golf assembly remains shut at Wolfsburg for Friday, Monday and Tuesday

The halt in production of its top selling model comes due to the breaking of a piston rod inside an engine of its plant.

Volkswagen has stated that it will halt production of its Golf hatchback at its Wolfsburg factory for the next 3 working days due to technical problems at a stamping plant.

Europe’s biggest car manufacturer has stated that due to the breaking of a piston rod inside the stamping plant’s engine, for the next 3 working days starting from today, it will stop manufacturing its top selling model.

“Side parts for car body production are currently in short supply in sections of downstream vehicle construction because of this technical problem,” said VW in an emailed statement.

VW, which employs 60,000 people and churns out 3,800 cars per day, has notified that it has informed its employees about the delays of its production schedule. Significantly, it isn’t very clear as to when it will be able to make up for the lost shifts.

This disruption is a further setback to VW’s manufacturing business and comes in the wake of two suppliers refusing to deliver parts to its factories thus causing bubbles in its supply chain operations.

The company is also caught up to rebuild its reputation after the emergence of its admission in the diesel emission cheating crisis in the United States.



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