Brazilian corporate networks lag behind their peers on Cyber Security

As per a study done by BitSight, a security ratings company, Brazilian companies fare “significantly poorer” in cyber security among companies across major economies. This is a wake-up call before the country becomes a hacker’s nest.

According to a study prepared by BitSight, a Massachusetts based security rating company, companies in Brazil have scored “significantly poorer” in aggregate over a range of cyber security indicators in comparison to companies located in the United States and China.

According to BitSight, the metrics of Brazilian companies underperformed in areas such as e-mail security, file sharing practices, and machine compromise rates.

Brazilian companies were found to be more susceptible to malware infections from botnets that covertly compromise the security of computer networks.

“Brazil has significantly poorer performance than the other countries included in the study,” said the study.

Almost 50% of Brazilian companies engaged in potentially harmful peer-to-peer file sharing on their corporate networks. This rate is far higher than the prevalent rates in other countries, reads the report.

According to it, only 11.6% of German companies engage in peer-to-peer downloads. This could be due to the levying of fines by that country for such activity.

Peer to peer download and file sharing is potentially very risky since the origin of the files are unknown and may thus contain malware which may compromise the company’s network.

BitSight’s analysis have taken into account much of the publicly available information regarding network assets from a random sample of two hundred and fifty companies per country, including the U.S, U.K, Germany, China Singapore and Brazil.

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