Hyundai Motors ties up with Cisco Systems to develop tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles

The race for the next generation automated autonomous vehicles just got hotter.

As part of its vision for tomorrow automated autonomous vehicles which Hyundai Motor terms as “high-performing computers on wheels”, it said today that it will partner with Cisco Systems in order to develop internet connected car technologies which could make its vision a reality.

Automobile manufacturers are increasingly tying eyeing alliances with technological companies so as to form alliances which expands its services in the race to develop tomorrow’s next-gen cars which are likely to capitalise on the concept of Internet of Things.

Chung Eui-sun, Hyundai’s Vice Chairman met and agreed with Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s CEO in Seoul to co-develop an in-vehicle network technology for high speed transfers of large amount of data.

“The cooperation is part of Hyundai Motor’s wider strategy to establish an industry-leading connected car platform through collaboration with leading technology partners,” read’s a statement from Hyundai.

Tomorrow’s upcoming automated autonomous cars are likely to be up-to-the-brim with sensors are likely to make extensive use of the internet.

Other similar notable alliances this month include Toyota Motor’s expansion of a partnership with Microsoft Corp to develop an Internet-connected vehicles services technology for owners and vehicle dealers.


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