Energy Saving Missions Earns Recognition to Three Companies By The Pacific Power Programme

The names of the wattsmart® Business Partner of the Year winners are out.


Pacific Power awarded the title of “wattsmart® Business Partner of the Year” to three business organisations that are based at Washington. The timely actions taken to conserve energy the amount of which sufficient to power “200 Washington homes” for an entire year, has been the underlying credit for the said award.

The three companies that earned the said title are Matson Fruit, Shields Bag and Printing and Kenyon Zero Storage, Inc. The trio received a collective amount of “$354,000” as incentive for their work. Moreover, they have plans on saving “more than $142,000” worth energy cost for improving their efficiency rates under the “guidance and support of Pacific Power’s wattsmart® Business program”. The said programme annually picks up business organisations that work to improve their efficiency on energy usage. In fact, any business organisation can begin their work toward arrive at a better efficiency of energy consumption and their work will be taken into consideration by “Pacific Power’s wattsmart® Business program”. Shields Bag and Printing’s environmental service manager, LaFramboise remarks:
“Pacific Power has always been fantastic with coming in and saying ‘show us your normal day-to-day operations so that we can better isolate areas of potential improvement’”.

Shields implemented a “new design for its printing press” whereby improving their compressed air system which saved “more than 1.6 million kilowatt-hours” of company’s energy consumptions every year. Moreover, it also received the “Governor’s Award for Leadership in Innovation” from Gov. Jay Inslee for the same work.

Kenyon Zero Storage, Inc. also realised that energy usage cost forms part of the major expenses of the company. The company is a “leading provider” of food processors and producers’ cooler and freezer storage facilities, whereby the Kenyon’s president Scott Wingert said:
“We are continuously looking for ways to be energy efficient because of the impact it has on our bottom line”.

The business project manager of wattsmart® along with Cascade Energy consulting firm’s engineer, the company of Kenyon managed to bring down the annual usage of “540,000 kilowatt-hours”.

However, Matson Fruit is situated in Selah, which has cut down on its energy intake by “956,810 kilowatt-hours” on an annual basis. Consequently, it saves “$46,921” on its electricity bills. In order to arrive at this efficiency the company conducted several projects from the year of 2011 which led to the construction of “an automated shipping facility” using robots that do the packing and moving of fruits inside the “refrigerated storage warehouses”. The Matson Fruit’s general manager, Jordan Matson informs:
“Our project was new for our industry, new for our region, and was on an accelerated time table. Pacific Power worked with us to keep it moving while being energy efficient.”

In fact, BusinessWire writes that:
“These companies are shining examples of how Pacific Power is helping commercial, industrial and agricultural customers throughout Washington, as the state seeks to reduce energy use and achieve energy and economic sustainability. The wattsmart Business program offers technical expertise and cash incentives for lighting, HVAC, industrial processes and more for companies of all sizes.”


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